Must Have It.

December 10, 2012
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As soon as a player puts on their jersey they must be ready to dominate the court. They must exhume confidence to announce there is a beast ready to be unleashed from a body in a jersey and a headband. They must make the number on the back of their jersey known, so that the whispers of that number turn into ghastly figures in another players mind deterring them to play their best. They must let the score board talk the trash as the other team haggles with nothing but meaningless words. They must have determination that deems them to believe that the desired dream is at their fingertips much like a loose ball. Who will get it? Determination will tell. They must have passion; passion that pushes pulsation of love and joy through the ball to the body and back. This passion connects the rock internally to the player, so that it becomes a part of them. They must have will. Will to fight through any odds never letting anyone, anything, any player, any coach, any court, anything stand in the way of the task at hand. They must have power, the power to push through physical and mental barriers that will be there as a road block to basketball heaven. All of these are aspects a player needs to succeed. But what happens when all of these aspects aren’t good enough? When players lose their touch. When players lose the ball. When players lose head. When players lose it all. What are they missing? What can they do? Well, they must have ‘it’. It is the foundation. It is the shoe laces that tie the pieces together as one; it joins determination with passion, passion with will, will with power, power with determination, and so on. It makes a never ending circle of harmony between all these aspects. It makes the player spend countless hours in the gym while others are out partying. It makes players better without a coach having to watch over them like a child; it matures them. It makes a player believe in themselves and tell failure that they are not afraid by staring it in the eyes. So a player can have all the right aspects but without it—the beast that should be unleashed is held back behind the bars that are unlocked by It.

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