Injuries Keep Athletes out of competition

November 26, 2012
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P.J. and Chuck are both members of the boy’s football team. Chuck is a senior and P.J. is a junior and they both have season-ending injuries. Chuck tore his ACL and P.J. broke three bones in his right foot. They are both defensive players.

According to, “ACL injuries are one of the most common knee injuries among athletes.” Livestrong also states that approximately 150,000 ACL injuries happen every year in the United States.

Chuck is a defensive lineman for the football program.

Senior Brian, a defensive lineman, says, “He is a key player to our program. He always works hard and keeps everyone motivated.”
Chuck says, “It was really disappointing getting such a serious injury like this one.”

“We were doing line drills. It was my turn so I went up and performed the drill. During it my knee popped and it felt weird but I thought it was nothing so I just iced it for a few days and it felt better. When I was at practice, it then again starting hurting. So I went to the doctor and right away he could tell I tore my ACL so he sent me to get x-rays and I did end up tearing my ACL.

“I needed surgery for the injury and right away I knew I would be out for season. They told me I would be out of sports for the next six to eight months.

“It sucks missing your whole senior year of football. I believe the my friends and teammates though to be holding up that gold ball at state.”
P.J., a defensive back for the football program.

Charlie, a defensive back for the football program on the loss of P.J.. “It was a disappointing loss. I’ve played with him all through the Chiefs program and our freshman and sophomore year. He is a good player. I just hope he recovers fast because he is a very good player and it would be great to have him.”

P.J. says, “It sucks missing your whole season for football. This is my first year being on varsity and I’m missing the whole season.”

“It was a 7-on-7 drill and I was in at corner. The wide receiver and we both jumped for the ball and he fell down on top of my foot. I didn’t think of it at first so I thought I could keep playing but I couldn’t even walk on it. When I went to the doctor they took x-rays and they told me I broke three bones in my foot and I would miss the whole season along with getting surgery.”

“I know my friends can win state, though.”

Charlie says, “I’m glad he still has his senior season with us because he is a great player.”

With the injuries keeping them out the whole season they are disappointed they won’t be able to play. They do believe their teammates can win state though.

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