Rookies: Should You Trust Them?

November 2, 2012
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Who shall I start or sit? Flacco or Dalton? During fantasy lineup you are probably thinking the same questions. I used my knowledge about football to write an essay that will guide you in the creation of a successful team. What I have learned, over the 1 year of fantasy football, is that people "pick up" the players who do well in the first week. But, it turns out that they pay for putting inexperienced players in their lineup. Some people don’t trust rookies, for example Robert Griffin the Third or Andrew Luck, on their lineup. I don’t blame you. There are differences between picking players who do well in one game, and picking a good rookie. Risks are always taken in Fantasy Football.

I remember when I was in first week of fantasy football. Barely knew enough about football to play in Fantasy Football. I knew essential players, for example Mark Sanchez or Peyton Manning, which, in my friend’s term wasn’t enough knowledge. I also needed to know the strengths of each teams and the players on the team. I had made a mistake that cost me three losses in my Fantasy career. I had dropped Percy Harvin he is an actually a good wide receiver for the Vikings, and picked up Pierre Garcon. Now, I know that right now you are going to think I was stupid to think that Percy Harvin was bad; I thought every Viking player was bad. I picked Pierre Garcon because he had earned eighteen points in the first game. My friend picked up Harvin and said I was really stupid to do that, which I was. In the next game, Percy Harvin receives a punt return, and it resulted in a touchdown and almost twenty points! And Pierre Garcon got injured and had scored an insignificant amount of points. He didn’t play for several games. I have learned that if you choose a player who did well in week one, it doesn’t mean he will be consistent in week two or three.

Who would you pick Robert Griffin the Third or Andrew Luck? Both, Robert Griffin the Third and Andrew Luck are doing well. Robert Griffin the Third (RG3) has earned a consistent twenty five points per game, and even more points to come. Then, the bad news about RG3, he is too risky, meaning he has had one concussion and can get injured even more over the season. Due to the fact, that he runs the ball he will have a bigger risk on getting injured in the future. Andrew Luck is a very in consistent quarterback because he can receive a low score and high score. Like on week five he received almost thirty points and, on week six he received five points. In my opinion, I would start RG3 for any game. But, for very easy games start Andrew Luck. Both are leader in the rookie quarterbacks.

I have learned that rookie quarterbacks are more trustworthy than, the players who do well in one week and worsen in the others. Players, for example Percy Harvin should not be underestimated and players similar to Pierre Garcon should not be overestimated. I also, learned that RG3 should only be started if you want a consistent twenty points and Andrew Luck should be started if Andrew Luck is against an easy team. Risks are always taken in Fantasy Football.

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