orange right 50 hi lo

October 31, 2012
By Anonymous

“Orange right 50 Hi-Low” by Josh Smith is an article about basically the danger of concussion and tells the story of a high school varsity player who sustained a severe concussion and was not able to play sports for nine months straight. When I read this article my impression and knowledge of concussions totally changed just by hearing about how five seconds in a game can totally mess up the rest of your life.

I myself have had three concussions one severe and the other two minor but now my football plans are all over and I cant never play again. So I can really relate to this article. It has made me more aware and cautious about how serious head injuries can be and how carelessly they can happen to you and how much they can alter the rest of your life. After these types of studies and articles coming out I think that more people, and especially athletes, will be more careful and try to prevent these types of injuries from happening.

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