The Last Game

October 24, 2012
By Anonymous

The world was in awe at the final inning in game 7 was over, the champions were crowned and the losers were sent home packing. The World Series one of the most respected championships of all sports, right next to the Lombardi trophy for the superbowl. The grewing month of the MLB postseason is the last leg of the year for major league teams, after a long 162 game season, it take a great deal of strength to to play those final 20 or so games but for the tiger coming off a great year and the momentum churning the postseason looked to be a walk through. The Tigers plowed through the competition to the championship but when they went up against the Astros all they could do was play their hardest and hope for the best. The first three games when to the Astros and we own the next three now it's game 7.

The crowed was filling the seats the opening pitch was about to be thrown, Verlander was on the mound as the leadoff batter stepped in. The announcer comes on the PA announcing the players and the game was off. It took all of three pitches to strike out their leadoff man but the following batter lined one deep down the right field line as Boesch laid out diving into the stands making the catch the crowd roared in hope to get the Tigers momentum going. Throughout the next three innings went very bad for Verlander, the Astros scored 10 runs and still had the bases loaded. With no outs Inge new if the ball was hit to him he had to make a great play, so when the pitch was thrown towards home the batter shatters his bat as the ball shot through the air like a bullet. Inge didn't have time to think he laid out catching the ball and touching third base, with a swift motion throw toward second getting the triple play and ending the inning. The ninth came around and the score was still 10 to 0 the Tigers last chance to score was coming up thats when the coach stood up in front of the team and gave a speech trying to motivate them enough to win.

“Time flies and it now the end of the game I’m so proud of you guys, but this game isn't over just yet you guys have come back from 10 runs before so i don't want any head low we still got three out to use and when the final out is made or the last run scores we play as hard as we can so lets go and so the Astros really how t score runs.” The team jumped up in excitement, we started the inning with our 1 2 3 hitters.

With our leadoff hitter on second with a leadoff double, Inge came to the plate and on the first pitch smoked on out into left center. Two batters in we already scored one and Inge was on third, Miguel stepped into the batters box and with the flick of the wrists hit a homerun into the left field stands.

The inning when on we sent 10 guys to the plate and scored 10. The game was over as the Tigers ran onto the to celebrate they grabbed the trophy and the season was over.

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