My Game

October 18, 2012
By Candacereynolds BRONZE, West Columbia, South Carolina
Candacereynolds BRONZE, West Columbia, South Carolina
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The field is the one place where everything makes sense, where I can express myself, where I have not a worry in the world. It is hard to explain unless you experience it yourself. The butterflies you get before the game starts, the high energy crowd cheering you on, and your wonderful team who you know always has your back. When that whistle blows, the world doesn't matter, it's all about the game. What to do next, where to go, how to trick the other team, it's all a rush. I'd explain it as Heaven on Earth, it's the soccer field. My true love, my reason to live, my game.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because the the soccer field was the only place in my life where I felt comfortable. Where I was a leader and stood out to others.

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