How To: Do Cheer Stunts

September 11, 2012
Hey there!! This paper is simply a how to. LIke how to make a peanut butter try sandwich. But mine is how to do cheer stunts. Now if you’re a cheerleader you know that there is a lot of cheer stunts, but I won’t be saying the steps to all of the stunts. I will just be going over the basic prep, extension, liberty extension, and basket toss. If you are just a beginner with cheerleading, then I wouldn’t try the basket toss right away because its tricky and if you don’t do it right, then most likely everyone will get hurt. To do these stunts make sure you have a mat, the right amount of people or stunter, and supervision mainly by a coach.

Ok, so lets get started with a basic prep. You will need 5 people a.k.a stunters. 1 person in the back which is the backspot, 1 person in the middle which is the flyer, and 1 person in the front which is the front spot. Then have 2 people stand one each of the sides of the flyer, these people are the bases. Have the bases crouch/ squat down with one hand on top of the other and place your hands right in front of your belly button. Have the flyer place her hands on the bases shoulders and jump into their hands. While she is in their hands, push your hands up in front of your chest. The front spot and back spot both hold the flyer’s ankles. Then the flyer puts her arms up in a high-v, and thats a basic prep.

Now for an extension. So go back into a basic prep. Then the bases will fully extend their arms with the flyer in it. The front spot and the back spot should be holding the flyer’s ankles at all times. The flyer should also their arms in a high-v. Now to try a liberty extension. Bo back into a prep. Now the flyer will go into a liberty where one foot is in the hands of a base, while the other base has their hands wrapped around the foot. The foot that is not in the hand, bring it up where the side of your foot is lined with your knee. Then go into an extension, while the flyer is in a liberty the bases will dip then fully extend their arms. The flyer’s arms should still be in a high-v, and thats a liberty extension.

Now to try something a little trickier, a basket toss. So this time you will need to start on the ground. The bases will need to face each other again. One base will keep an arm straight and the other arm, your hand will grab your straight arm where the elbow is. The other base will do the same but opposite arms. Then the two bases will lock arms. Nowbases squat down with arms locked. THe flyer will come in front of the backspot, the back spot will pick the flyer up and place her on the base's arms. Next the bases dip together and throw their arms up in the air. Before you catch her, put her down, and you're done.

So now you know the difficulties of some stunts and the easiness of other stunts. I hope this really helped and you were able to try these out yourself. Now don’t try to just rush into these stunts. Take it little by little. Start with the easiest which is a basic prep and gradually progress to the hardest one, which is the basket toss.

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