August 25, 2012
By Dylan Lee SILVER, Davis, California
Dylan Lee SILVER, Davis, California
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Well guys, I'm sorry about this. In my long and illustrious career of sportswriting, this has been my most fatal mistake. Everyone makes mistakes no matter what you do, but I will admit that this is inexcusable, especially for a Giants fan. In my entire life as a Giants fan, I have always seen mistakes. They have been there left and right for a franchise that always seems to either not get it done and when they do (such as in the 2010 World Series) it is so torturously close that it kills. My mistake was not writing about the history-making perfect night of Matt Cain. Everyone makes mistakes, but for one night, one man was perfect.

I am not going to sit here and tell you how great Matt Cain is and how consistent he is and he's so perfect and how he has now established himself as the ace of the Giants. You have probably already heard about that, and if not, then you just did. For me there were three basic elements of the game that made it historic and special. There have been 22 perfect games in (as Spongebob would say) the entire history of forever. This one, however, was a cut above even the rest. The best of the best. The sharpest knife in the drawer. The ugliest of the seven dwarves. The...well i guess you probably get the idea.

The first thing that was the most obvious was The Catch. In my entire Life, I have seen only one catch that I would say is better than that one, and none that did something as huge as preserve a perfect game. For any of us poor souls out there who did not have the fortune of seeing this exceptional play unfold, go now and leave this blog to watch it on youtube through the link on this page.===>.. But you better come back when you're done. Okay. that was incredible wasn't it? I never really thought it would be possible until that catch. When someone makes a play like that, you have to believe it's possible

The next big element of the perfect game was the strikeouts. Out of every one of the 22 perfect games thrown, only two have had 14 strikeouts and Matt Cain's was one of them. He was working the bottom corners, elevating the fast ball, and was just painting with his off-speed pitches. Early in the game, the umpire established the fact that the area at and even a tiny bit below the knees would be considered a strike and Matt Cain shrewdly used that to his advantage, pitching strikes all night long.

The final thing that makes this perfect game unique was that it was the very first perfect game in the history of the giants. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is big. they are not just some expansion team that's been in the league for 8 years and has no history. They were one of the first pro teams. They had Willie Mays, McCovey, Will the Thrill, Mel Ott, and Juan Marichal. He threw the first perfect game in the history of an old, proud, and storied franchise and that does not happen every day.

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