Dream Crusher

July 9, 2012
I walk into the doctor's office. There is no way for me to prepare myself for the news I'm about to hear.I hold my breath and wait for the nurse to read the results. As soon as she says it a single tear runs down my cheek. Nothing more. I get up and walk out of the office. 1 week earlier. I made it to state track! What an amazing opportunity.During warm ups everything felt great. The javelin was flying out there around 120ft. I was in the 2nd flight. All I had to do was make it to the top 7 to make it up on that podium. My 1st 2 throws were weak and only around 109ft. I had to get 4 more feet to make it to finals. Final throw. I ran with all my speed, planted both feet with all my might, twisted and threw with all my strength. I release and imagine that gold medal around my neck. Next thing i know im laying on the ground screaming in pain and crying for my coach. Something popped in my right knee. I tried to get up and walk, but fell instantly. My coach came and lifted me in his arms and carried me off the track. No medal around my neck. They took me to the hospital for x-rays and an MRI. That is what leads me to walking away from the doctor's office today in tears. A complete tear on my ACl will cause me to not play my senior year of volleyball. My chances of a scholarship in my favorite sport are gone. My dream crushed. Everything i worked so hard for in the last 3 years of high school slipped through my fingers in a matter of seconds. My dream...vanished. Some people dont understand this thing called athletics. They dont understand all the sweat, blood, and tears you put in to this amazing thing you do. I do. I understand all the heart you must put into it to succeed, because my heart is put into it everyday.

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