You don't need to be a perfect horse.

June 5, 2012
By Konalia GOLD, Orlando, Florida
Konalia GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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People say that a perfect jumping horse is one who rounds it's back and one who jumps through their back end. They say there feet have to be even over the jumps and they have to look and act like a million dollar horse. But for me, a perfect horse is unreal. No horse can be perfect every time, Nor can any human. To me, a great horse is one who challenges you. One who gives you something to work on every time. One who is willing to trust you when you don't even trust your self. You can't go on dreaming to have a perfect horse until you can be perfect yourself, Everyday. To me, a horse should bring you millions of memories and thousand of smiles.

The author's comments:
My own horse has inspired me to write this. We have over come so many things and we have both be injured from trying to do what we love to do. We know the dangers but we have willingly over looked them. He may not be perfect but me and him are perfect for each other. To me no one can be perfect everyday, everyone has their bad times. I truly love him and without him i don't know who i would be.

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