June 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Skating as fast as the wind during a tornado heading straight at the puck. Shink! I stopped while the snow and ice flew through the air like diamonds. Then three hard steps the other way. Back up to speed chasing the man in front of me. Smack! As he hits the boards and I skate away with the puck and score like it was nothing. Then it was my friends turn. He received a beautiful pass and was out on a breakaway. He did an awesome toe-drag then put it top shelf. 2-0 easy as that. We end the game the same score 2-0. Now we are on to the Championship game. We start the game with the puck drop. It’s like waiting for a rain drop to fall from the sky. Boom! We are off but the other team had the puck. Bang bang passes. They scored. We looked like bozos chasing the puck. They scored again and again. We loss 6-3. Holy crap. We worked so hard and got so far for only to be called runner-ups.

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Hi mom

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