My Hockey Life

May 11, 2012
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When I first started playing hockey I was about 7. I played in an actual league when I was about 10. I was a forward at first then I played defense. My team that year was going to Chelsea, MI for a hockey tournament. I remember it because it was the first time I had ever played goalie. Our original goalie was decided that he was going to ditch us to go snowboarding with his parents. So I told the coach I would play goalie for them. I took the team to the finals but we lost 3 to 2. I felt good because I knew that this was my position. I even got a shutout with a concussion in the semi-finals.

After that year I decide that I was going to play goalie because I was good at it. My first year as a goalie, we went undefeated and I had 7 shutouts that year. I knew right then and there that hockey was my sport. That year we lost in the second round of regionals. In every tournament we came in second. But we did win the shamrock tournament, which was big for me because I had never won a championship like that before.

A couple years later and I was playing travel hockey for the Jaguars. I again had a undefeated record of 15-0-2 and I had 2 shutouts. In tournaments we always won or got second in them. We lost in the first round of regionals to Troy Sting. It sucked because I didn’t get to play in that game so it kind of sucked. But I was happy that I had a good record.

The next year I played for another travel team but I got hurt during football so I missed half the year for that team. It sucked because I didn’t play much because of the injury. I didn’t do very well because my ankle was always hurting me and I could barely do anything. I ended up quitting that year because I didn’t like the coach or the manager. It sucked because I was bored because I was not doing any sports at the time.

The year after that I tried out for my high school and I made the varsity team as a freshman. I was excited to play for them. But I didn’t stay there long due to the fact that it was to far from where I lived that I had to transfer to Holly at the end of 10th grade. Basically I have played hockey my whole life and that is all I have done. I would not trade it all away for anything else.

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