A Cold Day

May 23, 2012
By goaty GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
goaty GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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When competing in sports the weather can be the difference in how well you do. Whether it is freezing rain or bright and sunny it will affect how well people compete. Warm and sunny is how you want it but it is just as often cold and raining. So you need to be prepared for all weather. I had a few track meets with bad weather and found that those are the ones you need to try your hardest on.

Track meets are after school so it is warm when you get there and then gets colder as the sun goes down. But sometimes it’s cold when you get there and then gets colder. I had one meet like this in eighth grade. When we arrived the thermometer at the bank said 36. At that point nobody really wanted to be there. I brought warm cloths but not enough and I just sat and tried to stay between events.

At that meet my main event was pole vault. I had made 8’ 6’’ the meet before but I didn’t feel like I was going to do well. We have to compete in our uniform so I had to strip down before every jump and then get bundled up right after so I could stay warm. I wasn’t doing good and I didn’t put much into but now I think I should have put in 110% because other people were slacking too.

I also run that day. I’m a sprinter and my favorite was the 200 meter dash and that’s what I was running. But by the time it started close to the end of the meet I just wanted to go home. It was too cold and my muscles were tight but I still stepped up to the line. I stripped and stepped into my lane ready to get it over with. By the time I finished the race I was nice and warm but my clothes were at the start line and by the time I got there the cold and wind took all the warmth from my body.

Noby did good that day. All the cold did was make people want to leave. But later I figured that those are the days people should try their hardest because the others are doing bad. Then by trying your hardest you can win.

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