LeBron and his First Ring

May 16, 2012
By Edgar Trejo BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
Edgar Trejo BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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With the NBA Playoffs in full swing, there is a lot of debate on whether LeBron James will reach his dream. I may not be a professional sports analyst but I already have my mind made and have decided it will be so.

There is a lot of hype surrounding James and his third MVP award. Honestly, not only do I believe he deserved the award but also deserves the ring to complement it. Many people criticize him for not having won the ring even when he was right there. I do not fully put the blame on him and applaud him for his efforts. In Cleveland, it was understandable that he did not win the series even though he was probably the best player on the court. One player makes a huge difference but one player alone cannot dominate every aspect of the series. There were decent players on the Cavalier squad but besides James, they were not a championship team. Now not only does James have the team to accomplish his ultimate goal but he already had the opportunity to do so. The Mavericks just took the title from right under them.

James undertook the role to lead the Heat team when he signed with them. The Heat already had a possible championship team with D-Wade and Chris Bosh. Now that LeBron is added to the mix, they are definitely the team to beat. They cruised through the regular season and ended as the second seed in the east, falling short to Derrick Rose and his Bulls. That in and out of itself is something to be proud of but is expected of this squad. They’ve already ousted out the Knicks and on their way to glory. Honestly, I do not see any other team who could possibly stop them besides the Thunder. That may be the championship series.

Nevertheless, LeBron James is the only person who decides his fate. The only way he can win a title is if he leads his team to the promised land. James will not be added to the unfortunate circle of greats like John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, or Charles Barkley who never won a title. Hopefully James will silence the critics and haters with his first title.

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