Heart of Glory

May 14, 2012
By Baker5 BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
Baker5 BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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Heart pumping, sweat dripping, and legs driving…glory is just a footstep away for some and for others it’s just many footsteps towards harder work. I have been in countless races with many injuries in track since freshman year with much pain, much suffering, and many rises. People say running doesn’t take a lot of effort; they say you can do it anytime and anywhere. However what people don’t know is that it takes just as much work as a football or soccer player. It’s the power of the heart and the three things that support it when all you want to do is fall. When you feel like your body has nothing left to offer, you find courage, dedication, and strength to help you push to the end. We fall so we can rise up but more importantly we fall so we can rise up stronger than before.

The definition of courage is when you have the strength to face pain and grief in anything anytime. When you know you have to step up your game by pushing yourself to move beyond your limit; knowing while you do this it will be painful. However you know the cost and are willing to do whatever it takes to compete and win. Move pass your comfort zone and set your pace. I stare at pain in the face and I find the inner courage to overcome or at least finish with a fight. My team looks at what I do with courage and as time goes on they seem to find it as well and now loves to fight through it to become better athletes and better people. I will admit when I was younger I had a hard time finding courage and when I did I was afraid to embrace it. However once I faced it I came out a great runner and leader for my team and school. My dream of becoming a role model for others in the sports world has come true and I know for a fact it’s not over because I still have a lot to offer to many others.

For dedication you must find reasons why you’re are doing this competition and why you want to win. Find a goal you want to see accomplish and go pass that even further than you could possibly imagine. Put your heart into what you do and nothing will ever stop you from doing your absolute best. I was a freshman in high school not looking to do any sports, and then one day for P.E. we ran the mile for a condition day. Next thing I know I run the mile in 5:38 and the head sports coach the next day puts in track class. That coach saw something in me and I wasn’t about to let him down, I trained and trained until my body was at an elite level. I have my old coach to thank for that because he is the one who showed me the meaning of dedication. I look forward to college track now and all that it offers me with its competition and glory. I run because my body loves it and it basically keeps me in the shape I want to be in. I’m all for dedication for the sport I love to play even if I’m injured or not that good; I still love the game because it’s just so much fun to be a part of. If your heart loves doing what it’s doing then continue doing it to the fullest.

Strength is during a race your body feels tired, weak, and you just want to slow down, before and during a race you find your inner strength and second breathe. Fight the pain, move your arms, and start striding to glory. Districts of 2011 Cross Country only the top ten can move on to the regional race and begin a new journey to glory. It was the last mile and my body felt worn out, vision was going blurry, and arms were going num on me. I knew my body couldn’t make the last thousand meters while trying to maintain the 10th place, but what I didn’t know was how strong I really was to overcome such suffering. I pushed and pushed until I couldn’t hear anything but my legs hitting the ground and my heart beating at a rapid rate. My body strived to the finish line placing 10th and making it to the next level while the other runner was only five meters right behind me. Your strength will come from within and help you fight to the finish no matter what the outcome is. Digging deep into a race is very crucial and will help you throughout the last 400 meters in the race; you must ignore the burn and search within to complete the race. Strength is also something you can practice and build up to have a better ending to a great workout or race. It isn’t easy when your mind says one thing and your body says another, trying to figure out what’s best for you. At times you will have to decide which to choose or at other times you will agree with both. Strength comes in many ways and at unexpecting times. What will you do with it and how far will you take it?

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