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May 10, 2012
By paraskavedekatriaphobe BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
paraskavedekatriaphobe BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Have you ever thought to yourself, ”people are really weird?” This essay will confirm that is true. What you are about to read will tell you about several kinds of weirdness in one very popular topic: sports.

These two sports are so stupid they needed to be written about. The first of the two is “dwarf tossing” in which you see how far you can throw a dwarf. This sport is not only dumb but is also “Illegal in 27 Irish states.” (Kaiju Big Battel: More Better Fighto, Borden) The other sport is both stupid and dangerous: elephant polo. It is what the name implies, “Polo on elephants”

Now onto the next section funny, interesting sports that should have official leagues. One is tuna throwing in which, “people toss a large tuna as far as possible” In a manner similar to shot put. Another is (my personal favorite) chess boxing “which can go 11 rounds and starts with a 4 minute chess round followed by a 2 minute boxing round this repeats until the end of the end of the match. “It can end by knockout or checkmate. ”

Finally my personal favorite section: sports that are so weird you need to hear about them. The first sport on this list is wife carrying in which “a man carries a woman (It doesn’t actually have to be his wife) weighing at least 108 lbs through an obstacle course as fast as they can.”

The second of these sports is shin kicking. You can figure the objective out on your own. Also there is unicycle hockey, which is hockey on unicycles. One that I found strange and funny is worm charming. In which you dig to see who can catch the most worms. Underwater rugby is also on this list for being underwater. Also lets not forget toe wrestling which is arm wrestling with your feet. Goanna Pull is a sport which is like tug of war but done with your head. Finally joggling, which, as the name implies is juggling and jogging at the same time, in a race. If you drop something you must go back and start from the point, which you dropped it.

I hope that this paper has given you an insight on to just how weird sports can be. I also hope for your sake this is the largest pile of weirdness you ever read.

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