Does Blake Griffin Eat at McDonalds?

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Last night I watched with awe as Blake Griffin fought off two defenders and took flight, ball in hand, to the rim for a dunk. The second thing I noticed was his ripped arms clenching the rim and swaying back and forth as a victory dance for this athletic feat. As the game went to a commercial break, I looked down at my Pre-Calculus book as a McDonalds’ commercial rolled by. When I looked up I saw something that bothered me… the commercial ended with a caption stating “proud sponsor of the Olympics.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at first because just a couple seconds ago I saw an act of pure of great athleticism followed by a fast-food restaurant sponsoring U.S. Olympians. I know for a fact that Blake Griffin or any other athletic star does not eat at that grease bucket. As an American I can’t say I have never eaten at McDonalds. But from an athlete’s point of view, healthy eating habits and decent nutrition helps define a successful athlete.

Many young athletes in our country are growing up thinking that food and athletic performance don’t go hand in hand… they couldn’t be more wrong. In our culture today, many families eat late, skip breakfast, and consume junk food unsparingly. For example, when an athlete consumes a food with simple sugars or sweets, during exercise the may develop hypoglycemia. Or in simpler words the athlete obtains symptoms of blurred vision, confusion, and fatigue. Even an athlete with great skill will burn out if they are malnourished.

Too many athletes believe that since they workout, they can eat whatever their heart desires. The quote “eat to train, not train to eat,” should be a staple for all young athletes. When kids look up at their sport heroes, all they see in their sheltered eyes is an athletic beast. They don’t acknowledge all the dedication and what they eat is what makes them a legend. My friend who’s a gymnast once told me “one of the biggest sacrifices I made for this sport, is giving up the liberty to enjoy the foods I like.”

As I hope all you average Joes and athletic youths can see, I believe you are what you eat and athletes need to start watching what they put in the tank and improve their fitness. Think about this, do you ever see obese Olympians.

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