Golf is More than a Sport

May 2, 2012
By golfer86 BRONZE, Bangor, Maine
golfer86 BRONZE, Bangor, Maine
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Some people argue that golf isn’t a sport at all. They say all you do is walk around swinging a club at a ball. But i am here to tell you that not only is golf a sport, it’s more than a sport.

A true golfer goes out to the course everyday no matter what the weather is. They work harder than anybody else. Walking miles a day and dealing with whatever the weather is like. What do other sports do? Stand around for an hour and a half a day doing a couple of drills. When its rainy, practice is either cancelled or takes place inside. You call that determination? If its too hot outside they will take it “easy”. No true golfer would ever take it “easy” if it was hot, they would push through it without hesitation. Golfers have more determination than any other sports payer there is.

Another reason why golf is more than any other sport there is, is because they have to be smart to play the game. They have to be able to know where to hit the ball so that they do not get into trouble for the next shot. They have to be able to choose the right club so that they don’t hit it too far or too short, They have to use the right swing speed and right swing to hit the ball perfectly every time. They have to deal with wind factors and the trajectory of the ball. The list goes on and on. What other sports have to worry about that much just for one perfect shot and then keep on doing it for many more?

Golf is more than just a sport and all of those reasons clearly explains why. If you don’t think golf is hard then you should try playing it yourself. Golf gives the word “athlete”, its true meaning.

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