" The Comeback"

April 27, 2012
By Supremee BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Supremee BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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It was a cold day in February and we wanted to hoop. After school we all agreed to go hoop and that’s exactly what we did. As we walked outside the wind blew a breeze so we got in my friend’s car. A lot of chatter was going around in the car. We pull up and there is instantly an awkward silence. The smell of fear went around the car. We get out and walks towards the court, trash begins to being said.
We played a quick game of 21 to get our juices flowing and to heat up. We were also waiting on for other players to show up. As we picked teams I was moving around, it was either 2 on 2 game or 3 on 3. The 3 on 3 game begins and I’m still kind of cold so I wasn’t making that many shots nor shooting them. Pass after pass after pass I threw but my teammates shot just wouldn’t fall. As I went down to tie my shoe I started to get very angry. I ended up scoring one point and the score was 3 to 10 or 11. That’s when I officially began to get angrier and angrier.
“Give me the ball” I yelled as Shaytez inbounded the ball. I dribble then pulled up my pants. As I start to take off whom ever was checking me started to lag off. Whoosh was all you heard as I took the ball in for a right hand layup. I yell 4-11, and Tyler starts to laugh.
My teammates just keep giving me the ball. Scoring from left to right hand layups were happening within 3 minutes the score was then 9-11. As Armani misses a shot I scream “RIGHT HERE!” and Donald passes me the ball I pull up for a 3 point shot……….. Ching was all you heard from the rim.
“Sudden Death!” I yell ( Which means next basket wins) Bounce, Bounce as the ball touches the ground. A double team appears in front of me as I throw the ball between my opponents legs and goes up for the game winning layup , someone pulls me and I say “AND-1” the ball swirls in. “ Game” I scream. I just brought us back, that was the “COMEBACK” my teammates scream.

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