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April 27, 2012
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I'm aware starting at the end of the school year that our football season begins. The first week of workouts is the hardest. After the long week of workouts we have 7 on 7’s to see where our team is at on the skill level aspect. We set out against different teams almost like a tournament , this part of the summer is the hardest assessed to all of the other workouts and drills we do.

Some people are pugnacious for positions but not only that getting the timing down on how you do things. Definitely for me being the most important thing on the field other than the offensive line, I’m the quarterback so I have to be on point. The first day we acquire pads is going to be special, for me beginning the season as a senior, and this being the last chance I have to accomplish my dreams . You don’t know when your last game is going to be available that’s why I’m doing everything I can do to be successful.

Because you have a lot of animosity and a lot of people illuminating you that you can’t but you have to say you can to yourself because if you lose your faith and be optimistic so you can succeed.

A lot of people have the chance to go to college, and do what they dreamed of doing since they was a kid. but some people don’t make it because of self perception, and believing in the perpetration that people show them.

I’m going to take full advantage of my opportunities, I thought I knew that what this season can bring, I’m doing what I always wanted, and that’s play football.

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