The Josiah Viera Story

April 24, 2012
By NStanford BRONZE, Lakeland, Tennessee
NStanford BRONZE, Lakeland, Tennessee
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Baseball has been one of America’s most beloved pasttimes for over a century. The aura at a baseball park is like no other. The smell of peanuts in the air, the obnoxious yet dedicated fans, and the playing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch all make a baseball game one of the most exhilirating events. However, the game of baseball in the twenty-first century has become filled with money-hungry managers and drug-abusing athletes. Playing for the love of the game seems to be an ancient idea, which is why baseball fans should turn their attention away from millionaire baseball players to a six-year-old named Josiah Viera.

Josiah Viera was born on May 25, 2005, under what seemed like normal conditions; however, a couple months into Josiah’s life there was a definite problem. Josiah’s body was not growing at the normal rate for an infant, so his parents took him to see a specialist. At the specialist, Josiah’s parents learned that their son had a very rare disease called Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, a disease that causes premature aging. Today, Josiah is six years old, stands 27 inches tall, and weighs around fifteen pounds, yet his fragile build does not keep him from playing the game he loves, baseball. Josiah even recently joined a little league team in his town. In a time where the media portrays famous people as heroes, it is easy to mistake athletes for great role models; however, stories like Josiah Viera’s give people an example of what a real role model should be like. If a young boy with a fatal disease can find joy in something as small as baseball, shouldn’t people be inspired to find joy in the things they do? Josiah Viera should be the role model that people look to for motivation, not famous athletes.

Inspiration can come from anyone or anything. To be inspiring, the only thing that matters is that major obstacles were overcome in your life. For Josiah Viera, that obstacle was being born with Progeria. Josiah did not choose to be born with Progeria; however, Josiah did choose to overcome Progeria. This does not mean that Josiah has cured himself of his disease, but it does mean that he has chosen to live his life to the fullest while he is on earth. He has chosen not to let a misfortune restrain him from doing the things he loves. Josiah’s life is the true definition of character. He has faced an immense obstacle, and he has overcome. Because of his bravery, determination, and character, people should be inspired to live their life to the utmost.

Today, the majority of Americans choose to quit when times get hard, yet Josiah chose to follow the path less travelled. He chose this path because he realizes what really defines a person. A person is not measured by the number of things he has achieved; he is measured by the number of times he has fallen and gotten back up. To most people, Josiah Viera is probably just a boy with an unfortunate medical problem. To me, Josiah Viera is a hero.

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emmy_001 said...
on Mar. 21 2014 at 1:41 am
I think that he is very very inspirational


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