the best soccer game ever

April 19, 2012
By jona_g18 BRONZE, Oakland, California
jona_g18 BRONZE, Oakland, California
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BEEP. The referee blew his whistle to announce the beginning of the game played against Castle Mont. “Lets go boys. We got this!” Our captain encouraged us so that we could go out there and take the W. It was exactly 5:30 when the ball started to roll. The bleachers were full of spectators from both teams. This game was the most important game so far because three teams were tied at 1st place with two games left. Who ever won this game was pretty much the champion of OAL. The sky got darker and the crowd couldn’t stop from screaming. The first half ended. The score was 0-0. “How do you guys think we’re playing boys?” Coach asked us. He then turned around and stared walking away.

“I think we’re playing okay but we can do better. If you guys noticed their weakest side is their left so if we use our left mid and connect our forwards, then we will score a couple of goals” The keeper suggested. Every player from our team didn’t say anything. We were all thinking too much about the game and have been forgetting the most important thing about playing soccer, which is to have fun. At this point the referee signaled both teams to that it was time to start the second half. “Lets go Jonathan. This is your time to shine,” My friend from the crowd shouted out. I was looking at all the crowd and I saw that half of the people had their eyes on me. I felt like the start of the team at that point. The reality was that was wasn’t the star. However, during that time I felt that I had to demonstrate that even though I was a freshman surrounded by a lot of seniors and juniors, I had everything it took to be on the varsity tem. The second half started. 10 minutes into the game, a forward from the other team named Prince had possession of the ball at the 30-yard line. No one from our team was challenging the ball so he had a clear shoot at goal. Every single person in the crowd and in the field was in suspense as they all saw the ball curving into the goal and the making swish sound on the net. “Goal. Yes. Hahaha”. Price screamed out loud. Right after that, all of his teammates began to run at him and started hugging him. On the other hand, my teammates and I had our moral down. “Hey! Don’t put your heads down! Do you guys think this is over? Well its not. We have 30 minutes to score and I believe in our team. I want everyone to leave everything you guys have in this field”. I tried to motivate my team but I honestly thought that it was going to be a waste of words because who would listen to a freshman. “Jona is right. Lets put one in” My friend Joel joined me. The coolest part about all this was that we were the only freshmen in the team and the only ones trying to motivate the team to keep on fighting. The ball began to roll again. We were controlling the ball well enough that the other team couldn’t take it away from us. Only 15 minutes of the game left and our keeper punted the ball to ¾ of the field. “Mine” my teammate yelled. He flicked the ball. I saw the ball was going towards me so I began to run towards the ball. As soon as I touched the ball, I looked up to see my options but I realized that I had a one on one chance. I decided to drivel the ball. I began to play with the ball and drivel through all the defenders. I was sprinting as fast as I could. I could hear some people screaming my name. Others were cheering the keeper to safe the shot. I looked up to see which way was I going to kick the ball towards. The keeper was leaving the right side of the goal open so there is where I shot the ball. The ball entered the net, which indicated that I had just tied the game. I was so exited that I wanted to celebrate but I didn’t because we weren’t winning yet. As a result I took the ball out of the goal and took it to the middle of the field to continue with the game. There was 10 minutes left before the referee blew his whistle to indicate the end of the game. My team knew that we had a Great chance of winning because in soccer it is often said that when a team scores a goal, the team that received it will give a 10 minute window to score another goal. This motivated us more. However, we knew that we had to defend well enough because we could also loose the game. Time began to move fast. It wasn’t until the minute 76th that the game changed. At that moment I had the possession of the ball. I moved through the field still with the possession of the ball. I saw that my teammate began to sprint towards goal so I gave him a threw ball. He then shot the ball but the defender blocked his shot. The ball was going towards me so I had it. I was 10 yards away from the goal but I didn’t know what to do with the ball. I heard a lot of people telling me all sorts of things but at the end I chose to have a shot at goal. Just like the first goal of the game, everyone one on the crowd stood up while watching the ball. Goal! That was the winning goal. I couldn’t believe it so all I did was put out my hands up in the air. A teammate came from behind of me and carried me to the bench. Everyone was shouting my name out and throwing water at me. It was a big accomplishment in my life. I felt the hero of the entire school at this moment. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. The referee blew his whistle again to announce the end of the game. The whole crowd was sprinting towards me and I got scared at first but then I enjoyed it because they were carrying me and congratulated me. I even got interview but the reported of the newspaper. The next day I saw myself on the newspaper. I will never forget the whole league with my team especially that day.

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Willams said...
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Love it and made me laught and cry this was the best essay I have ever read good job -_-

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