April 12, 2012
By Anonymous

Lat summer i played basketball with my cousin. In the 1st season was going on so i played with my cousin Nyheim at the YMCA. We had so much fun me and my cousin was on the same team and keep hoping that we going to win . Here comes to the end we only had one more season left until the whole basketball is over. So me and my cousin played hard so the score board was at 66 to 55. We my cousin was getting nerves so we had 55. Then me and my cousin practice and practice and we came back for the last season. We played hard my cousin kept passing me the ball i had all the shots. We only had 5 seconds left and i was far from my basket so i throw the ball up towards the basket and i made it it the score was 77 to 65. We had 77 we my cousin was happy we have a terrific day.

My message is don't give up because if you keep practicing you will get good at it.

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