the winning shot

April 11, 2012
By , charlottle, NC
It was the finals in the soccer tournment. We has 20 minutes left in the game before it was over. We were down 3 to 2 We need to score a goal quick if we had any chances of winning.
I was playing mid-field and I had the ball. I ran as fast as i can to the goal box. Number 20 came at me but I made it pass him. I keep on runnung and came up on the defense. Two of them came at me and I lost the ball. I turned and ran after them. I got the ball back from them and pass it to my friend Chris. He was running with the ball and shot it. He miss it but it went out and it was a coner kick. Carlos was going to take the shot. 10 minutes left.
Carlos got ready to shot the ball. He pull back and than ran to the ball. He kick the ball in the air and it curve. I headed the ball in the goal but the goaly block it. The ball went out and tha Fredy kick it but the goaly blocked it again. The ball went out again. This time Carlos came in running and shot the ball. The ball went to the coner but it still made it in. WE SCORE A GOAL! 5 minutes left.
Kick off. We took the ball away from them. David had the ball and ran to the box. He was the best inthe team and he got pass the other people easily. 3 people came at David and than he pass it to me. I curve the ball and made the goal. WE SCORE AGAIN AND WE WON THE GAME!

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