My Soccer Life

April 3, 2012
By marco BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
marco BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I like my soccer life because it makes me stay healthy and stay fit and it I never get fat. My soccer life is 24/7 because I really like soccer. Right now I play for this team called Jaguars F.C and it’s actually a pretty good team. In this team I am captain and make my teammates not too quite no matter what the score is. I try to help out if they are not doing their job. In my soccer life I have played for like 11 years already since I was 4 till now and I am going to keep playing till I feel like I can’t go on no more. Mostly everybody in my family plays and have played soccer the only person who hasn’t played the sport is my mom but she likes the sport. I have played in many tournaments and won 1st place in some of them and I like playing in tournaments because there’s people there who would want you in your team and sometimes there teams are actually good and may be a good thing for you. For example there’s this team in our league that’s always been competitive with us that they invited me to a tournament. They invited me because they saw how good I was that they needed my help in a tournament and after all the games we played I played so good that the coach was pleased. After the tournament was over the two coaches told me that if I wanted to go to their team and play for them but I had to say no because of my team I couldn’t leave them. Jaguars F.C are everything to me and I have been in this team since I was like 11 or 12. So I told them no but told them that if they needed help in tournaments that I would be gladly to help them out. The most exciting part of playing soccer is the way and how you make the goals and knowing that you did an excellent job out there and you left everything in the field. I would leave my soccer life for anything and soccer is my life.

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