Never Ending Dream

March 15, 2012
By Anonymous

The Never Ending Dream
“Beep! Beep! Beep!” That’s how the day starts for me, Ian. My alarm goes off at 6:25.
Click, I push the snooze button. I think to myself, “I don’t want to get up; I don’t want to go to school.” My alarm beeps again, now it’s 6:35. I wake up and turn off my alarm clock. “I wish it wasn’t Monday I say to myself,” as I roll out of my bed. I want it to be Friday. I stumble into the bathroom. There I brush my hair, brush my teeth, put on deodorant, get dressed in my sweatpants and a Wayne Rooney jersey, and get ready for school. As you can acquire from my attire, I’m a Manchester United fan! My dream is to play for them one day. I walk into the kitchen and pull out the toaster, two slices of bread, butter, and orange juice. I plug in the toaster and throw the bread into it and pull down the lever. I turn on the television on and go to channel 1301, Sports Center. I watch the show for a few minutes and I find myself beginning to dose off into sleep. Before I know it, I’m asleep in the chair. I began to dream that I’m sleeping, but in my dream I’m 22 years old. Then the alarm in my dream goes off. I stand up in my room and walk over to the window and pull up the shade. I can’t believe my eyes; I’m in London, England!
Exploring my huge condo is going to be interesting! I go into the living space and I spot a Manchester United jersey. I can’t believe it but it is my team jersey. As a kid I dreamed about playing for a big club like Manchester United, but here in my dream it was happening. I explored further and further to find a package that was delivered to my place. I cut into it and inside is a note from the Nike Company asking me to wear their new cleats that are due for release soon. I take out the orange box with the swoosh on it, and I carefully open it and inside are a pair of Nike CR7Safari Superflyiii. They’re cool looking with a black body and yellow swoosh on the outside of the foot and then a yellow pattern on the inside of the shoe. After I put the shoes back in the box I sit down to a bowl of Wheaties. Not too unusual except my face was on the box.

On the fridge where I see the practice schedule I notice that I have practice today.
I walk into my room and grab my practice gear and the new shoes I just got and head out the door. I walk into the parking lot, press the button on my key and the lights on a bright red Ferrari light up. I jump into it and I’m sure I break the speed limit numerous times on the way to Old Trafford Stadium. The ride to Old Trafford is very interesting and scary. I go through some sketchy neighborhoods and through London where I see all the national monuments.
I walked into the locker room and get dressed and head out. I pick up three Nike Seitiro soccer balls which are worth 150 dollars apiece. I have always dreamed to have one but here I was holding three! This was unbelievable because as a kid when I played soccer for North Shore United soccer club, I had dreamed of a good soccer ball like these that would not fall apart every season. I begged my parents, even put one on my birthday list, but it never came. I head over to the goal and take my shot typical first shot (not very good). I let go of two more shots; they both sail into the upper right hand corner. Then my coach blows his whistle. We all head over to him and he tells us that we are playing Real Madrid. This is going to be a huge game. The winner goes on to the final of the UEFA and they could win that game and go on to win 17 million dollars. One of the best players, Wayne Rooney stood, right next to me. He’s the best player on Manchester United and one of the best in the league he plays striker for our team. Also Nani, one of the defensive stars, was across from me. He was one of the biggest threats on the flank or side line. They were some of the player that made up the roster.
We start practice with break the line, a passing game. What we do is make a square and then make a bigger square you get four people, and one ball, take the ball and everyone get a corner. Then pass the ball to a teammate and he takes one touch and breaks the line and pass to a teammate then repeat over and over. We did this or a half an hour then we did some shooting on the keeper for 20 minutes. Then we finished with a game, which my team won 10-3.
I went home and ate my meals watched, TV and went to bed early for the big game tomorrow. I went to bed and woke up the next day at 10:00, ate, and drove to Old Trafford for the game. We warmed up and went into the locker room, got pumped up for the game and hit the field for the game. We started the game with ball. Minutes flew by without anyone scoring. The ice was finally broken by Wayne Rooney when he blasted a shot into the right hand corner, and the game was 1-0 Manchester United. The half ended and the teams went into the locker room. Our coach told us to come out with an even greater fire then we ended. Real Madrid would be coming out hard and wanting to win. We took the field and yet again the minutes flew by, but when it broke it did not go our way. Real Madrid Center Midfielder Christian Rolando scored on a corner kick and tied the game 1-1. The game came down to the wire, but we scored in the last second with a cross into the box and I hit the ball into the net doing two front flips and bicycle kicking the ball in to the net. I scored the game winning goal. This felt amazing. We had won and were going to the Championship game. I had interview after interview and it was boring. I got home at midnight and crashed in my bed and fell asleep; it had been a long day. The next morning I watch myself on the top plays on Sport Center.

That where my dream ended because I was woken up by my mom. This was an amazing dream and I sure you have a dream that you remember for life too. For me it was the best ever and maybe someday it will come true.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story about my love of the game of soccer.

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