An In-Depth Look at Gale Sayers

March 26, 2012
By Anonymous

Gale Sayers was one of the best running backs of his time in the NFL. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears and was a first string running back as a rookie. He was great friends with Brian Piccolo, who was also a running back. Gale Sayers had become one of the greatest football players and a great friend to Piccolo by being talented, mature, and caring.

Gale was a very talented person to have become a legendary football player. He was drafted in the first round of the 1965 NFL draft, which that alone is impressive. He was a first-string running back as a rookie. Which means he would have to be really skilled to replace whoever was there in that spot. Gale was the one of the most legendary football players of the 1960s. Gale’s talents have led him to a lot of success in the NFL.

Gale was also a well-natured and mature person. He took most things seriously and never joked around too much, unless it was around Brian. Piccolo because when Brian called him a “Chicken n*****” was the only person Sayers talked to other than his wife. In a way, he was the exact opposite of Brian in that view. In addition, Sayers was not inappropriate around other people, except Brian Piccolo. For example, when Brian first met Gale, he had gotten in trouble because of Brian. So, he had put his tray of food on his seat which Brian had sat on top of it. Gale wasn’t just an athlete; he was also a well-mannered person, which is a nice trait to possess.

Gale was a nice and humble person, even though he was shy. Gale had loved his wife ever since they had gotten married. He had cared for his wife throughout it all. He had cared for and helped Brian with his game in football and when he had cancer. When Brian was practicing his form in football, he had helped him perfect it. Gale had helped him make it a little more relaxing for Brian, whenever Gale could, Gale did it. Even after when Brian was diagnosed, Gale had spent time with Brian as though he didn’t even have cancer. Gale was a humble person to help Brian when he could and love Gale’s wife. He was a great person to know and be friends with.

The traits: talented, mature, and humble make up Gale Sayers. He was a hard-working football player and hall of famer. He was a well-mannered person who almost never joked around and was always serious with whatever he did. Gale was humble and always supported his closest friend and teammate/ Brian Piccolo/ when he was diagnosed with cancer and even past that. If I never knew a person like that, I would be lucky to say that I know them.

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