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March 23, 2012
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Jeremy Lin was an overnight sensation. He went from being undrafted to being in the minors and brought up over and over. He was born in Los Angeles California. He was a normal kid. The only exception was that he was of Taiwanese descent but that wasn't a problem for him. In his senior year at his high school he led his team to a 32-1 record. He wanted to go to Stanford but they didn't accept him. But Harvard did and he went there.


At Harvard Jeremy Lin's statistics rose gradually by year up until his senior year when he had 16.4 points per game, 4.4 rebounds per game and 4.5 assists per game. At Harvard, some coaches actually described him as "the physically weakest player on the team." He graduated from Harvard with a 3.1 GPA and a degree in economics.

Road to the NBA

Jeremy Lin entered the NBA draft, not expecting to be a first rounder or anything like that but he didn't expect to end up where he did. He went undrafted, however, unusually he played in the summer league and was given contract offers from the Mavericks, Lakers and Golden State Warriors. He signed with the Warriors.

Golden State 2010-2011

Lin was expected to be an immediate star. He was expected to be better than Golden State's starting point guard Stephen Curry. Lin eventually noticed all the hype surrounding him and warned the whole basketball world that he wasn't going to be amazing at first with the quote; "I won't be an all-star this year."

Lin didn't get much playing time as a rookie which is natural because not only was he just an inexperienced rookie but he was playing behind all-stars like Stephen Curry and superstar Monta Ellis. He competed with a number of other players for the spot of backup. He got his first minutes on Asian Heritage night. but he only played the last couple minutes. His next game was against the LA Lakers. in that game he had 3 assists and four steals, and had his first basket in a 107-83 loss. in the course of his season he was sent down to the d-league 3 times. (the d- league is like the minor leagues). The Warriors did not make the playoffs that year.

2011 offseason

During the offseason Jeremy Lin sustained a ligament injury in his leg during the NBA lockout. On the first day of training camp, ready to start fresh, Lin was released into the free agency by the Warriors who were freeing up salary cap space. He was signed by the Rockets. During the preseason however, Lin was yet again released this time because the Rockets signed a center named Samuel Dalembert.

New York Knicks 2011-Present

Lin was signed by the knicks because of an injury to their new rookie point guard Iman Shumpert. Once again Lin didn't play much. That was until the Knicks lost 11 of 13. Coach Mike D'Antoni, reportedly out of desperation for the team and for his job, played Lin against the New Jersey Nets and their star point guard Deron Williams. Lin outplayed Williams by scoring 25 points, getting five rebounds and seven assists. all career highs. They won 99-92. He continued winning without their two best players Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. Although his play has started to downsize, nobody will forget the beginning of LINSANITY

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