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March 21, 2012
By iliketobecalled_v BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
iliketobecalled_v BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
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After many hard and tiring practices and several games of my favorite sport, my basketball team went to an out-of-town tournament. We had been having a very good season so far with many wins for our team. Things had been going our way with every game and practice. However, none of us expected the events that happened during that game.
The game started off very well when I went up for our team’s first basket. Unfortunately, a girl from the other team bumped me while trying to block that shot, and I bit off a piece of my tongue. I was out of the game for the rest of the first half because of my injury. Then, one of our best shooters fouled out of the game in the second quarter. All the trouble we were having caused our team to fall behind a bit.
In the third quarter of our game, my coach finally put me back in. Our defensive line got stronger, and we scored some more points. However, an opposing player tripped a girl on our team, causing her to fall and hurt her wrist, so near the end of the fourth quarter, we were behind by two points. With five seconds to spare, I made a three-point shot.
We thought we had won the game. Then the opposing team threw in the ball with only two seconds left on the clock. They got past our defense and took a shot! The ball went up, hit the top corner of the white box on the backboard, and fell through the hoop as a perfect lay-up, just as the buzzer blew. Our team lost by one point.
We were a little sad about our loss because we could not continue to the final rounds. However, our coach told us to look at the game as a learning experience and try to find the positive side of the game, such as the great defense we played, how we made most of our shots, and our patience throughout the game. Even though it was a tough loss and we were out of the tournament, our team agreed that it was the most exciting game we had encountered in that whole season.

The author's comments:
I love basketball, and after a very hard game I decided to write it out.

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