What’s a Sport?

March 10, 2012
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So what do you classify as a sport? I am sure anyone can stand up and defend their activity and say why it’s more likely to be a sport than others. One way a sport could be classified is if it is hosted by schools. What if the school can’t afford expensive sports such as horseback riding? Maybe, sports are considered sports if they are in the Olympics. Then you run into the issue of football and soccer not being sports, but there are thousands of fans that can contradict that. Possibly a sport is a sport if it is played with a team, but what about Irish dance and figure skating? You can’t classify a sport by how hard it is to play because only the players know how hard their sport truly is. So the question still remains… How do you classify a sport? According to Dictionary.com a sport is a competitive athletic activity. In the end a sport is what you make of it to be, a sport or not.

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