Snowmobiling In The Upper Peninsula

March 2, 2012
Image going fifty miles per hour across a lake. Going on the trails and riding through the woods. We also shoot at targets with our shotguns and sometimes we sit in the old deer blind and shoot at targets.

My Dad and I were riding across the Mackinac bridge. I was watching a huge boat breaking up the ice so smaller boats and ferries can get to Mackinaw island. The Mackinaw bridge is about five miles long, it connects the lower peninsula and the upper peninsula. In my whole life I have crossed the bridge four times. Five today it will be six on the way home. I Hope to cross it many more times throughout my life. My Dad's friends cabin is not far away from the bridge, maybe twenty miles or so.

When we got there we unpacked and took the snowmobile off the trailer. I was so excited the upper peninsula got two feet of snow the night before we came up here. So the trails should be very good for tomorrow. I asked my Dad '' How big of a ride are we taking tomorrow''? He said about a seventy mile trip. ''Sweet '', I said. That should be a good ride. That ride is gonna be like a field trip full of anticipation. Now I just can't wait any longer to hop on that snowmobile and start riding. It was starting to get dark so my dad said,''We should get some good sleep for tomorrow''. ''Okay'', I said.

I woke up ready to go, ready to go really fast, ready to have the ride of my life and ready to tell everyone about it when I get home. Then my Dad and I made breakfast, we had bacon and eggs. When we finished eating, we got the snowmobiles wormed up and got all of our gear on. After we did that we were ready to go on this awesome ride. First we had to go across this big lake. It seemed to be twenty mile long, but it is tons of fun going across it. My Dad and I started flying across the lake. It looked like is was just a big huge flat area. That is why you have to be careful when you ride snowmobiles because you might not be able to see if it's a lake when it looks like a field.

There was a couple drifts on the lake, I didn’t see one coming until it was too late. I felt the front of the sled lift up off the ground. It felt like I was flying a lot farther then I did. “ Holy cow that was awesome”, I said. When I was in mid air I felt like the snowmobile jumpers that go fifteen feet in the air. I think after all the years I have been snowmobiling this was the most air I have ever gotten. Let me tell you, that was a lot of fun. I never knew that you could get that much air off such a little drift. That will be probably one of the things I will tell my friends about when I get back.

Now that we are almost off the lake, my Dad and I started heading the direction of the trails. This morning my Dad and I checked the reports on the trail, it said there is a twenty inch base which are really good conditions. When we got to the shore, my Dad pulled out a map so we could decided what trails we were going to ride today. We took this one trail that was awesome It was all curvy and nobody was out on the trail which was really surprising-because-we-just-got-a-lot-of-snow blizzard that night before. So my Dad and I kept riding until we stopped and said we had to turn around. I was sort of sad, because it always goes so quick. So when we got back to the cabin we sat by the wood burning fire and watched the super bowl until we had to got to bed.

We both woke up the next morning just a little bit sad. But still the trip was fun, we went on a fun snowmobile ride, we went across the lake and hit the fun jump on accident. We packed up the car and hooked up the snowmobile trailer and got on the road. Now I get to imagine what it will be like when I get to go up next time, which is hopefully soon.

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