Super Bowl Ads

February 14, 2012
By Anonymous

Super Bowl ads. They range from dogs doing the moonwalk, to vampire parties, to babies being shot dramatically from slingshots. They are all very entertaining, but still get their point across (sometimes.) The only downside for the companies is that they have to pay a hefty sum. So the question is, it really worth it to advertise in the Super Bowl?

It is advantageous to advertise in the Super Bowl, one of the positives of advertising being that many people watch the Super Bowl. Whether it is for the game itself, the halftime show, or even just for the ads, many people watch the Super Bowl nevertheless, and don't change the channel when the ads come on, as people usually tend to. This is essential for companies, as they want their ad to be seen by as many people as possible. Additionally, the more memorable ads get positive attention. For example, over the years, Doritos has made a name for itself just by funny ads, like the "Crystal Ball" ad in Super Bowl 43. Even though that ad is quite old, it has a permanent place in my mind as it was probably the funniest commercial in that Super Bowl. The spectacular ads are talked about and circulated throughout the internet, which is what companies want to happen for their ad to get more attention.

However, there are also negatives to advertising on the Superbowl. It is extremely expensive, for one. The attention and views the ad gets are not free. In the latest Super Bowl, a 30 second advertising spot costs, on average, $3,500,000. That is excluding the cost of producing the advertisement. Plus, if an ad does not fare well, the company would have wasted all that money simply for pejorative publicity. It is a risk many companies take, similar to gambling.

Two of my favorite Super Bowl commercials this year were the TaxAct commercial, and the Sketchers dog race commercial. They were both funny, and brought attention to the product or service in a positive way. How do you feel about advertising on the Superbowl, and if you did watch it, was your favorite ad? If you didn't watch it, my advice would be to watch it, because it only comes on once a year and has something for everybody.

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