Hockey Stick

February 4, 2012
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The puck drops and in a mad rush it goes sailing across the dirty gym floor. Four girls dressed in tight jeans, clingy t-shirts, and various assortments of shoes rush at the small plastic disk, the room echos with yells. A loud crash reverberates off the walls as the plastic orange and blue hockey sticks clash together, all vainly swinging at the puck. A small yelp of pain comes from one of the girls as the plastic collides with her shin.

The plastic disk ricochets off the wall and flies across the ground. One girl stands ready, by the opposing goal and as the puck comes sailing toward her, she bats it straight in. A cry of triumph comes from her team as the defeated goalie glares, annoyed. The teams set up in their positions and the puck drops again, causing another frantic struggle. In the frenzy of clashing and batting they loose track of the puck. For an instant everyone stares around searching the room. Then, with a shout someone spots it wedged under a door.

In the moment's pause, everyone takes a quick breather, as the puck is retrieved. As the play begins anew, there is much excitement and scurrying. The energy and adrenalin in the room is contagious. Every girl has a look of serious concentration mingling with looks of happy amusement on their faces. Players dive for the puck as it zooms around the room, from player to player in a not-so orderly fashion. Two more goals are scored as the players are begin to get tired of the constant movement.

A whistle blows for a short water break and new players sub in. After a bit of commotion and handing over of the orange and blue plastic sticks a whistle blows and the puck drops again. For another few minutes the game continues with another goal being scored and many more stopped by the goalies. Then, as a final whistle blows, the girls know it is the end of the long gym period.

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Keesh said...
Feb. 13, 2012 at 5:55 pm
In the 3rd paragraph at the bottom it should say '...are beginning to get tired...' Does anyone know a way to fix that once it has been posted???
Toran replied...
Mar. 23, 2012 at 11:51 am
I liked this. Do you still want to do that story that JoKelly started? I'm kinda a lone girl there, please write with me:)
Keesh replied...
Mar. 26, 2012 at 2:46 pm
yea i guess. what was it called, so i can find it again...?
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