Clutch Moment

January 24, 2012
By Anonymous

It was 4th quarter with 3 minutes left on the time. The score was 87-97 with my team losing by 10. I came on to the court as the fans arose with excitement that Mr. Clutch (me) got into the game. I was not doing so good I was very ill but, I still made it for my team. I started to do cool plays were it looked as if it would be on ESPN. It came down to the last seconds in the 4th quarter. The referee blew the whistle and, it sounded like a horn it was very loud. I looked up at the jumbo tron to check the score it was 95-97 with 5 seconds left. We were losing and, I knew we needed a miracle to win. As we rolled the ball in too not start the time. We got the ball to half court without starting the time but, the ball got pressured so the point guard picked it up and, passed to me. The time ticked. He mouth the words shoot it but, instead I went into triple threat position. I faked the pass and, dribbled into the paint. I went up strong for a layup, only to foul. I got off the ground and, was surprised that my team and, the fans were cheering. I took a quick glance at the jumbo tron to see the score was 96-97 with 0.1 seconds left. This was it I went to the free throw line listening to the fans chanting MVP. When I approached the free throw line sweat started to pour off of my body as rain does to a cloud. The referee hand me the ball and, whispered relax. I took the first free throw only to hear the crowd scream as it swishes through the net. I try to act calm but, I couldn't I knew that it was 97-97 and, if I miss we would be heading into overtime but, my team is too tired. I needed a miracle. The referee gave me the ball a second time and, I was shaking. I try to just throw up a shot hoping it would go in. As it went in the air you couldn't hear anything. It was like a movie the ball travels to the hoop slowly and, everyone has a suspense look on their face. When the ball finally made contact with the rim it toilet bowl around and, rolled out. I was ashamed. Then I heard the referee blew his whistle and, he called a lane violation. Which means that I could take another free throw because, the other team step on the line before the ball made contacted with the hoop. As I stood there shaking this time not because I was nervous but, because of a happiness of getting another free throw. It was a miracle. With the ball in my hands I felt as if this is not the time to be nervous. I took a deep breath and, I shoot the ball with confidence this time only to be answer with a swish. We jumped around with joy and, I fell to my knees knowing that I was the reason why our team was going to the finals.

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