Time slows

January 23, 2012
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As I blinked time came to a slow. The chanting team and roaring crowd muffled in my head and the lights shined in my eyes. I felt a drop of sweat roll down my neck and back. I planted my front foot then my back one. I pulled the bat up behind my head,above my shoulder, and took one last look around, I saw my family against the fence cheering for me, I had two strikes and have managed to stay in with three foul balls. I looked at my team smacking the fence and chanting that "center field better tie their shoe cuz I'm gonna rip on over you" I smiled. It quickly faded as I turned and saw the pitcher, getting ready to wind up. She was the fastest pitcher in our competition and if I got one more strike we would lose the championship but if I hit it we will score enough to win. I took a deep breath as her windup crawled around but when she let go I did not see the flames behind the ball as I expected. The ball crawled forward, I blinked just as the ball approached me and swung, time sped forward.

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