Messi’s Boots

January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Playing soccer has been a huge deal for me. Soccer is not just my thing it's also professional soccer players thing. They play soccer for a living, which I would like to do, and they get paid great amounts of cash. There are many great players that are pro but none like Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi happens to be the best and my favorite soccer player. Messi like many other players get sponsored by big companies like Nike, Adidas, Pumas, and so on... Well Messi is sponsored by Adidas, and when the World Cup came around they made special shoes that he would sponsor for Adidas. The F50 adiZero's were created; these shoes are the world’s lightest shoes in history. By the time I saw these shoes I was like "WOOOW I'm going to buy those shoes". Some months passed by and I was in need of new boots, since my old boots were getting worn out, I decided to get new boots and I know what boots I was going to get. I had enough money saved up for my boots and I ordered the F50 adiZero, which my favorite player had recently worn. The boots were to arrive in like one week and I was getting anxious to get my new boots. Then on August 19, also the day of my birthday, my friend that ordered my boots called me and told me that my boots had arrived! It was the best birthday present that I could have gotten because my boots had gotten here. I also had practice that day and I broke them lose for the first time use. The boots were the best boots out there and I had a pair of them. So I had the most confidence in the world that I would get magical powers, like in the movie Like Mike a kid finds shoes that make him the next Jordan at age 15, and become the next Messi.

So when the soccer season started for Hersey I was sure that I was going to have a great last season with the school I represented for three years already. Our first game came up and I was pumped and ready to show how I would be the next Messi with my F50's. Game went great but I didn't play, as I wanted. But I kept my head up; I wasn't going to let one game get to me. So the next game came after 2 days. And this time I had a feeling that I was going to have a great game. The score was all tied up and I was doing my stuff, in the field, when out of no were I get the ball and go passed 5 players and I shot a lefty shot. I wasn't a great left footer but I had confidence on my shooting. " YEAH AHAHAH" were chants of my teammates after they saw me score my first goal with Hersey this season. I felt like Messi because he happens to be a left footer and I had just scored the same way he usually scores. I thought that I had become like Messi. I was doing all the same tricks he was doing and faking people out the same way. “I am sure the next Messi,” I said to myself. I was scoring goal after goal with Hersey and we were doing great because our record was 8-3-1, an amazing record because none of the teams were doing good this year. Our last game of the season we were tied the whole first half and we didn’t want to lose the game in penalty kicks again, like last year. The second half started and we had a corner kick and some how I got the ball, after many different players touched it, and I scored the goal that would bring confident to us again. Again I scored with my F50 adiZero’s and I was happy. I felt again like Messi, world’s best player, but some how we lost the match but I felt great because I was the Messi of Hersey.

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