Playing With Purpose

January 13, 2012
By BaseballFreak GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
BaseballFreak GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, and Colt McCoy are ofter referred to as the“Holy Trinity of Quarterbacks.” They are all athletically and spiritually gifted, and all are a very good choice for a biography. Playing With Purpose by Mike Yorkey is about three football player’s life's. This novel talks all about their childhood, high school, and college life. Also, it talks about their spiritual growth.

Sam Bradford was the most athletically gifted of the three. As a kid he was a five sport athlete and got to travel around the country with his sports teams. Since he was traveling around the country s much he was getting really good at sports, but didn’t have all that much time for his faith life.

It wasn’t until fifth grade that they started to go to church routinely since before he started playing sports. He still didn’t experience Christ until he started going to middle school ministry. At middle school ministry he gave his life to Christ.

In High School he was still a four sport athlete including being a scratch golfer. Football was his favorite and best sport and decided that was the sport he was going to play in college. Many schools offered him a scholarship but he choose to go to Oklahoma, because he liked the college and the coach there the best.

In College he was part of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or FCA. From the football standpoint he was very successful. He won the Heisman Trophy award his junior year, but got injured his senior year and his college career was over. Many draft analysts thought that this would hurt his draft status.

Most people love or can’t stand Tim Tebow. He has a great birth story. The Tebow’s already had 4 kids but decided they wanted one more. The dad prayed to God for one more child and promised him that he would be a preacher. Pam the mom got a disease from bad drinking water in Malaysia and the doctor strongly recommended that she terminate the pregnancy. She chose not to and Tim ended up being a miracle baby. Then the family moved to Florida to be closer to family and friends.

The Tebow’s lived on a farm and were home schooled. He was a talented quarterback and was a very good high school quarterback. He chose to go to Florida over 21 other scholarships to play college football. Florida is where he put scripture verses on his eye black. He won two national championships while and Florida and also a Heisman.

though he was a winner and had great physical attributes, no draft analyst said to draft him early. They all said he threw improper. Would any team draft him early?

Colt McCoy grew up around football. His dad was a football coach and Colt was always on the sideline. He was so far ahead hEven e was breaking down film in elementary school. In high school, at Jim Ned high school, he was a three year starter and received a lot of attention from colleges. He chose Texas for the same reasons Sam chose Oklahoma. He also chose Texas because one of his boyhood friends was going to go there. The families go way back, like family vacations and such.

In college Colt became a part of the FCA group. As a football team he led his team to ten win seasons every year. He also led his team to the BCS National championship. Most draft analysts didn’t say to draft him because he was to small for the position. Would any team take a chance?

The draft analysts had something negative to say about all guys, but all three were very talented and were all hard workers. They are all spiritually strong and are men of character. The next stop for each of them is the NFL. This is a great book for learning about them up to that point. All three truly play with purpose.

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