bace ball

January 13, 2012
I love baseball. I love when the ball hits my hand. I love when the ball hits the bat and vibrates down my back. I love when I make eye contact with the pitcher. I love the sound of when you make a hit and someone get home base. I love when its rain comes down my face and the coldness gives me energy. I love when I get up to bat and I make a hit and we make a base.
I love at the end of a game when we win, we scream. I love when someone comes home ever one gives high fives. I love when I throw the ball and the person I throw it to makes an out. I love the feeling when I start getting ready for a game and a practice. I love when I get home from a game and my parents ask how was my game and I give them a play by play. I love when I first started baseball. I love when I hit a double. I love when at the end of the game the other team says our team name and we say there. I love at the end of the game we give the other teams high fives. I love games and practices.
I love when the couch is happy and mad, it give me energy to play. I love when people how are not the are cheering use on. I love the feeling when I throw the ball and it comes off my fingers. I love when I going to home base and I slide in and the say save. I love when someone hits the ball flies up in to the air and someone caches it. I love when the ball comes out of the pitching machine and it makes a spinning noisy sound. I love when it rains in a game and I slid in and great all muddy. I love when someone hits the ball and people move two bases over. I love when I run to a different base and mud comes flying off my cleats. I love before a game we worm up by doing stretches and throwing a ball to someone else. I love when my parent’s video my games so I can look back at all the fun games we had. I love when I come home and I’m hurting. I love when I get browses and I can remember how much fun I had playing baseball. I love when I’m waiting to go after the ball with my hands on my knees. I love when I get scares and so I can remember what happen on that day and how it happens.

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Brownie1999 said...
Sept. 21, 2012 at 12:48 pm
I Love It!!!!! <3 and you. haha you gotta call me sometime. And yes I anm posting this with you right next to me. You are so clueless. haha Anyways the bell is gonna ring so bye bye
Vampires143 said...
Jun. 4, 2012 at 2:09 pm
I love "bace ball". I think it is very good, and i love it how she explains all the feelings that she had about it. I expesualy love how she makes me feel like I`m acualy there watching her play. And i realy hope that she continuse to post more and more things like this.
fluzzy replied...
Sept. 21, 2012 at 12:51 pm
thanks. that was very nice of you \.
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