January 11, 2012
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The tradition of meridian football has been really good. And now my team has to try and carry that tradition on through my high school career. I want to make a mark for my name in football, so that’s what I’m going to try and do.
I love football because it brings a lot of joy to me. I love playing it and making everybody pumped up for the game. I call everybody on my team my brothers, their like my second family. We always have a fun time together, no matter what we’re doing. If there’s only two of us were still having fun. I like right before the game when were walking out holding hands and we all talk and yell so we would get ready. I love playing football and watching it, because it makes me want to play it. When I watch it I get chills. I also like it when we run out of the banner and through and everybody’s cheering, and then when the game starts everybody stops cheering, because they think we’re going to lose, just because we didn’t win a game the year before. Then half way through the game people leave just because we’re losing. But no matter what I play my heart out and never quit on my brothers because I love them. I would never give up on football; even if we lose by one hundred it doesn’t bother me. I pour everything I have on the field even if we’re losing. I love playing the game, it feels like I just found something that I love and never will give up. I hope that all of our fans will not give up on us neither.

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