Soccer or Dirt Bikes?

January 6, 2012
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The hardest decision you make is having to choose between your too favorite things. Playing soccer or dirt bikes. Soccer is my favorite sport. I have played for many years. Playing soccer is in my blood. The problem is I also love riding dirt bikes. Riding a dirt bike is the speed of a cheetah and the thrill of a roller coaster. Riding a dirt bike is simple. It is the same as a regular bike except it goes faster and it has a motor. There are some things that are complicated but once you get it, it is as easy as cake (I say cake because I don’t like pie) So you can see it is very difficult to choose between soccer or dirt bikes. When I play soccer, it is fun to play with the people that you know. That way you aren’t too nervous because you already know their skill level. Once you are playing, your heart is pumping like its going insane, you are sweating like there is no tomorrow, and panting like if you are running out of oxygen. You get to have fun and exercise while doing it. Playing soccer is fun because you have to aim the ball into the net and on top of that you are being blocked by the other team which puts on more pressure than you thought you would have. Soccer teaches you to be accurate and think and act quickly. Riding a dirt bike teaches you how to keep control and not panic if you start to lose your balance. Everything seems confusing but the most important thing is……. HAVE FUN!!!

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