best birthday yet

January 9, 2012
By Anonymous

Today was my birthday I was turning 15 my brother was taking me skating all day. We were going to secret spot and the skate park. But best of all he was going to let me drive everywhere since I was 15, and in a year when I turned 16 he is going to give me his car a Honda civic kind of grayish color, turbo, more than sixteen thousand dollars in the engine alone.

Secret spot was last. There is this huge gap there. I was practicing my trick on the little gap, a front side flip. I was ready, I was going quite fast, a little faster than I should’ve been. Then all of a sudden my board just stopped I flew off hit the ground hard. “Dang son you alright man?” my brother asked.

“Ahah, yeah I'm fine” I slowly got up.”I'm done dude lets go home”
“Alright” said my brother. He drove me home my shoulder was hurting to bad to drive. I was tired, in pain, and mad at whatever caused my board to just stop. The day after wasn’t any better I was in pain all night I couldn’t go to sleep next day was Friday. Turned out I shattered a bone somewhere in my shoulder area. Even though part of me was broken and I couldn’t try the trick I wanted to. It was the best birthday yet.

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece because i love to skate

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