the use of steroids

December 20, 2011
By , st joseph, MO
The used of steroids in the sports industries have an issue since the last couple of decades. Imagine for a second if steroids were allow in all sports like sprinting, were the athlete's fight over hundredths of a second to beat each other.These professional sprinters train extremely hard to just get a few hundredths of a second over their competitors.

But now that steroids are legalized, it wouldn't be a competition over who trained harder or who's better sprinter, it would be over who took the best steroids! It wouldn't be more like a steroids competition to see which company made the best dangerous substance.

Again if steroids were legalized in sports it would ruin the athletes mentally and physically.First remember the side effects?People taking steroids are likely to die or suffer major problems ,or end up with permanent manage.

My personal opinion is that steroids are a form of cheating, plain and simple.It won't matter how many athletes in any given sport were taking them.There is no excuse, cheating is cheating in any possible way.

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