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December 20, 2011
By Greg33 BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
Greg33 BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
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Fifteen years ago, NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) football changed to a BCS (Bowl Championship Series) way to pick bowl games. The BCS is a computer statistics system based on team record, polls from coaches, team rankings, and the opponentsí record. There is are a total of 5five BCS bowl games; Championship, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, and Rose Bowl. So many people are tired of,as a result of these rankings, tired of with the unfair selection system. teams getting ripped off and because college football interest me.

If the NCAA switched to a playoff system rather than BCS, the standings would all be about record It would be the teams losing zero to two games a season, not the teams who have a tough schedule. Nobody interested in NCAA football wants to see a great team play and beat a terrible team. The playoffs would have only the best teams play. The BCS has coachesí vote for polls and some coaches do not like certain teams providing the means for bias to become a deciding factor in which team makes it to a bowl game rather than fair and balanced competition. If a team consistently plays all easy low ranking teams in the regular season, this provides all teams a fair opportunity to compete based on skill and ability. they will see that the playoffs are all about performance.

In the playoffs, it there would be a 16 team bracket like similar to the college basketball March Madness tournament. It would go on for about a month more for these games. Even the president of the United States, Barack Obama, would like to see the switch to the playoffs and so would a lot of Americans. The division 2 college football has a playoff system (Uni is in it) that has 16 teams in and it runs through the playoffs very smooth and lasts about to early January.

If you think about it, every sport you think about has a playoff/tournament.
The National Basketball Association(NBA) has it, college basketball, National football league(NFL), Major league baseball(MLB), hockey, soccer, etc… The fans get into the game more because if they lose in the playoffs there season is done but if you win you keep moving on to the next round. Rather than a bowl game when, if you win you donít move on and if you lose you donít move on. So, it doesnít matter if you get beat or win because youíll both be going home. The players would get more into the game in a playoff because the games are more intense because if you lose a whole season of hard work is all gone.

A couple bad things about a playoff system is there is more of a chance for the players to get injured. It would interfere with the student atheletes studies for the big exams/finals in December. It decreases the earnings for the non-BCS conferences like the West Coast Conference (WCC), Conference USA (C-USA), and the Mountain West Conference (MWC).

Since college football has a BCS postseason, teams from non-BCS conferences like Boise State University, University of Utah, and Texas Christian University(TCU) that are very good are switching to BCS conferences so they could go to a good bowl game. The playoffs would reward them if theyíre in the top 16 by getting them in the playoffs. If the NCAA would switch to the playoffs and the smaller schools made it would be making a whole lot more money than going to a not-as-good bowl game or not going to one at all.

There are only a couple things stopping the playoffs from going from the BCS standings. One reason theyíre not switching is that in the higher bowl games like the rose bowl or the championship are over exceeding the attendance the stadium can hold. This makes the NCAA and the teams a lot more money with all the more people. Switching to the playoffs would probably lose money for the NCAA, which they donít want to do. Only the top 16 teams will make it to the playoffs, which is half way unfair but itís the other teams fault for not working as hard as the other teams do.

For example, this is a big deal to fans that donít get the bowl they want. For instance in 2007, the Arkansas Razorbacks were nine and three (9-3) and the South Carolina Gamecocks were eight and four (8-4). Arkansas went to the Cotton bowl and South Carolina went to the Capitol One bowl. The Capital One bowl is a better bowl game to get into, but the only reason why South Carolina went there because theyíre location to the stadium. The NCAA knew that more South Carolina fans would be there which means more money for the NCAA. This is why the playoffs would be a better way of college football because the BCS rips you off way too often.

Every other sport uses the playoff system, so why doesnít the NCAA? The NFL and the MLB run the playoffs so smoothly with no haywire. If you want haywire though, then become a fan of college football because thatís all the BCS is. I took a survey with my friends and a lot of them said they would rather see a playoff system because they like to watch it more because there is more action because if you lose you go home. The people that donít care or donít want it to become playoffs is because they just donít pay attention or care about sports as much as other people.

These are the main reasons why the National Collegiate Athletic Association should switch to the playoffs! The NCAA would be so much more successful in the postseason if they switched.

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