Little Town Heroes

December 16, 2011
By jimmy thompson BRONZE, Lancaster,ohio, Ohio
jimmy thompson BRONZE, Lancaster,ohio, Ohio
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In a small town outside of Columbus. The capital of Fairfield County. In a small gym with mats. This is were we come to fight.

“Were stacked” the away team said. “This should be a walk through the park!”

Where the home teams 6th graders new it would be a good match. We started at 130 lbs. I was 120 lbs. I was getting ready. I thought it would comedown to me as I saw our light weights get man handled.

It was finally my match. It was away 55 home 50. I checked in. my teammates “let’s go jimmy”. I was ranked #1 and my opponent was ranked #2. I looked up and saw scouts. For team Ohio, team Ouray and team Ohio (the freestyle team coach) all sitting together. We shook hands, and the ref blew his whistle. It was on. He took a low single and took me down. I had to react fast, I stood straight up, and it was 2-1. I did my sweet but perfect high crotch.

Now it was 3-2 he escaped fast now it was tied, he did double that I couldn’t defend and put me on my back and got 3 back points. The ref blew the whistle it was the end of the 1st period. 8-3. I won the coin flip and deferred the other coach put his man on top so I had to go bottom. Bzzzzzz, the ref blew his whistle and I was up. 8-4. I took my time setting up a shot and took a low single that put him to his back immidiently I got 2 backs and quickly time ran out of the 2nd period. It was 8-8 my coach yelled “you need to get a pin to win it.” So I took neutral ,both guys are standing up, and so the ref blew his whistle he took me down, just like that I thought I was gonna lose this match, just like I was 28-1 on the year and beat this kid earlier in the season. Then I escaped it was 10-9 and I had 1 minute left to pin him. So I did my signature, the low high crotch. He went to his back fast I got my 5 count and time was running down. The gym was quiet as can be. 5.4 I put my boots in on him and 3.2 slams the ref slapped the mat. Gym went crazy people throwing stuff, yelling our fight song “were #1 and can’t be stopped”

I got my hand raised and my teammates stormed me laughing and yelling, crying and bawling. WE ARE little town heroes.

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