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December 16, 2011
By Criter243 BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
Criter243 BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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At 14, the young Manny Pacquiao is taking care of his 6 younger brothers and sisters. He is in the gym, practicing for his big fight, but he still makes time to act as a father for his siblings. His dream is to one day travel to America and become a professional boxer. Now, 20 years later that dream has come true. You wouldn’t want to rip that dream away from Manny by banning boxing, would you? Boxing is one of many great pastimes that America has and it is a competitive and inspiring sport, therefore we shouldn’t do away with it.
Boxing is an intense sport just like football and basketball. There is bloodshed in both of these sports, just as well as boxing. But just because athletes lose some blood doesn’t mean that it needs to be banned. This is a problem with boxing and people don’t understand that boxing is not all that bad. There are more than enough safety precautions taken. For example, this past weekend I was watching a UFC match and one of the fighters, Brock Lesner was being beat very badly. He was bleeding a good amount and it looked like he was going through a lot of pain. Within seconds the referee stopped the match and the brutal beat down was over. The injured Brock was immediately cared for by the ringside doctor. This would not happen in street fighting because in a street fight no one would be there to stop the fight if it went overboard. Boxing encourages street fighters to bring their talents in the ring and challenge other contenders who have also been training for a while. It is obvious that boxing is much safer than most people think.
Do you play any sports like baseball or soccer? If you do, I bet you play because it’s fun and it’s a good way to get exercise, right? Well, boxing is fun and it’s a great way to get exercise too. You got to be fast to get out of the way of a fierce punch that is coming your way. Many people don’t realize that boxers spend countless hours practicing for the big fight! These wonderful athletes spend years perfecting their talent, so that they can compete against the other finest boxers in the world. By banning boxing you would be putting all their hard work to waste.
“Boxing lost a great champion and the sport lost a great ambassador”, states Boxer Manny Pacquiao after the death of champion boxer, Joe Frazier. Mr. Frazier inspired many people, like Manny for example. Manny has now grown up and become a great boxer just like Joe. Many people look up to these two icons as well as other boxers also. There are little kids all across the world that look up to pro boxers and want to be just like them when they grow up. Without boxing these little children would have no way to pursue their passions. Boxing is a terrific, athletic sport and it’s a great American pastime. You wouldn’t want to get rid of something that inspires so many people, would you?
Boxing is a sport that many Americans love to watch. It’s a great way to get exercise and it inspires many viewers, with the incredible stories that these boxers have to tell. There is no reason to get rid of boxing, so sit back, relax, turn on the TV and tune in to a fair, safe, and exciting fight!

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