Coaches are like a god.

December 1, 2011
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Jonathan Sharot Some coaches are like a god, showing people how to do the right thing. I have a coach that is and will be a role model for the rest of my life. My role models name is Bradley Lindow, also know as Bucky Lindow. He has coached and taught me lot’s about baseball, F.C.A, and football.
Baseball is one of Bucky’s favorite things to do. My favorite thing to do is play baseball. Bucky and I share the same favorite sport. Bucky has taught me how to play catcher. Catcher is one of the most difficult positions in the game. He was a catcher when he played in college, highschool, and now for fun. He shared his experiences about catching with things on what to do and what not to do. Offense is hitting of course. He taught me all of the techniques of hitting. Buck hosts clinics for kids to learn how to hit correctly. I have not missed one clinic. One time, awhile ago we had a tournament in Kenyon. It was the last game and it had been a long day. I went up to bat and I struck out. I walked back to the dugout. Threw my helmet, and that was not good at all. Bucky caught me doing that and made me go and pick it up and apologize to everyone. I have never thrown my helmet ever since, because I remember that moment from Bucky yelling at me and taught me a good lesson. Bucky loves baseball, hitting, catching and teaches good lessons that no one would ever forget.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a great program put on by christian athletes all around the world. Bucky Lindow leads it for us here at Cannon Falls. He has been in charge for as long as I can remember and I attend F.C.A. as much as I can. F.C.A. is two hours long and we usually play broomball, dodgeball and ultimate freesbee. Bucky gives a speech at the end of every F.C.A. Sunday, he talks about God and how he works through us to do our best. Bucky made me come to F.C.A. and look at sports differently and God.
In my Opinion, football is one of the funniest games known to man. I never knew how to tackle properly. Bucky taught me to tackle right. No one would get past me on defense if they went to my side. The pursuit drill is a drill that Bucky loves and it helped me get my hand on the ball when a pass was thrown up. Bucky taught me how to play defense in football.
Bucky has taught me how to play baseball and football. He has also showed me how God affects me through sports. Overall Bucky Lindow has been a huge role model in my life. He has been my coach for 6 years and more to come. If someone needs help about sports or life, Be sure to call Bucky Lindow.

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