Behind The culture: Nike

January 6, 2012
By barcelona BRONZE, Commerce City, Colorado
barcelona BRONZE, Commerce City, Colorado
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Behind The Scenes: Nike Culture
Ever since Nike co-founder Bill Bower man used a waffle iron to cook up a new sole for a pair of running shoes more than 25 years ago, innovation has been Nike's bread, butter, and glory, the not very well kept secret of the company's enduring success. Bower man’s waffle sole made the athletic shoe, bringing energy, creativity and new technology to a field that had been running in place for years. Suddenly, runners everywhere were trading in their worn out flats for fast, light-as-air Nikes. First out of the blocks, Nike never looked back. Several years after the premier of the waffle sole came the famed "Air" cushioning system. First introduced in running shoes, it stormed the basketball shoe market on the wings of Michael Jordan and became a standard of both high performance and street fashion. Nike became very famous after they had signed a contract with Michael Jordan to be able to combine Nike and Jordan’s into one shoe.

Now Nike is applying its innovative spirit to a new standard of performance. In the early 1990s, when Air Jordans were all the rage, a small group of Nike's designers and managers were quietly exploring the idea of sustainable development. Nikes were a very popular shoe they began to hit in the 1990’s and have not stopped coming out wit better Nikes. The shoe Nike to me is on of the best selling brands out there right now. The word Nike in Greek meant the Greek goddess of victory.

Nikes are a very important culture to me because a lot of people use nike they are the Ferraris to people. People love Nikes a lot because they come in different shapes, texture, colors, forms, and different sizes. Nike has been around a long time and the owner has been making a lot of money of his shoes. But lately I haven’t seen new Nikes. Nikes are a very fashionable shoe and they are going to be around for a while until someone else comes up with a better looking shoe or brand. This is a very important culture to me because it has been around for many years and for many years to come.

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