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December 13, 2011
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Tim Tebow, currently starting as the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, is the most talked about person in the NFL. While he has great stats in football, he gets a lot of his attention from advocating his faith publicly.
He is one of the few players that clash football with faith, making him the most controversial subject in the NFL. People cannot deny that Tebow is a great athlete but when it comes to faith opponents are ready to ridicule him at the slightest of a mistake. They question him why his God did not help him win a game or score a touchdown. What those opponents don’t understand is that Tebow is not living his life for material and worldly things yet it giving glory to God when he makes a play because he knows that he “can do anything through Christ who strengthens [him].” This, Philippians 4:13, is one of Tebow’s favorite verses which he often has written under his eyes during football games.
While everyone has their own opinion on religion it does not give them the right to persecute others just because they don’t agree. A columnist in Denver called Tebow the worst quarterback in football. Also, a columnist in Canada accused Tebow of being the “Kim Kardashian of sports.” If Tebow did not profess his faith openly then these nasty comments would not have occurred. He has taken a risk of being mocked and scrutinized by making Christianity a main part of his game. People mock him by “Tebowing” which is kneeling on one knee and resting their head on their fist to symbolize prayer.
Even though the media rips Tebow apart, he has not conformed to their lower standards of covering up what he believes in. His miraculous wins and game changing plays are no coincidence. His faith has helped him through the toughest of times and he is not afraid to praise God in the spotlight. Despite opponents and the fact that I am a Chiefs fan, Tim Tebow has support.

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