Why I Play

December 13, 2011

Someone once asked me why I gave up nearly all my free time for basketball. I tried explaining it to her but she didn’t get it. I play basketball because I love the power, the drive, the pain, the glory. I love the atmosphere, the friendships, the noise. Most of all I love the feeling of being on a team and the competition.

I love how there are 13 other girls who are willing to work as hard as I am, who are willing to sacrifice so much for this game we call basketball. I love that those 13 girls get me; they understand why I’m driven to put in those extra minutes, to work that much harder, to get that shot. They understand my love, my passion. I love that no matter how bad I screw up they will ALWAYS, ALWAYS forgive me.

I love the competition. So many people have called me the most competitive person they know. I don’t know whether that’s true but I do know that I hate to lose. I hate to lose anything, from a scrimmage in gym class to the final game of the season. I love that basketball allows me to compete, and hopefully to win. I love that basketball is fair. I love that it doesn’t care who wins and who is left crying on the sidelines. I love that basketball waits for no one.

I play because basketball is part of me; no one understands that unless basketball is part of them too.

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