game 5

November 28, 2011
By conorcaseyrox BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
conorcaseyrox BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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CRACK! Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino were sprinting to the fence, to get the ball that was launched by Rafael Furcal. Once the ball landed on the warning track in right center, Rafael Furcal was already at second and he wasn’t stopping there. Rafael started the game with a leadoff triple, and Roy Halladay was in a monster jam with Matt Holliday up. He was going to have to be careful where he throws his pitch. Then, Matt Holliday rips a line drive right over Chase Utley’s head and Rafael Furcal made it home. Roy would make it out of the jam and the Phillies would make out of the inning. “I was so glad that Roy made it out of the jam because the Phillies went down 1, 2, 3 in that half inning”.
The whole stadium was angry with the Phillies and especially with Ryan Howard. Ryan was our big power hitter. Everyone was hoping for a homerun, but so far all he was doing was doing was striking out. The Phillies weren’t hitting but Roy Halladay was pitching amazingly, not including the first inning. In my head I was thinking, “Come on Phills you need to win. You’re supposed to be the team to win the World Series.” The stadium was quiet but everyone was angry with the Phillies. Some people were screaming bad words because of all the beer they had.
It was the fifth inning and Shane Victorino smacked a double into left center field. Then, Chase Utley moved Shane over with a fielder’s choice. Ryan Howard was up and the crowd was ready for Ryan to hit a home run, the first pitch came and he watched it go by, and it was a strike. The next pitch came and he swung and missed then Chris Carpenter threw the ball it was a low and outside slider and he missed it! The crowd was get furious with Ryan. I was telling myself “Why did we pay this guy millions to watch him strike out when we need him most.” Ryan Howard was a giant bum. Then, Hunter Pence came up to the plate. The first pitch he got BOOM he nailed the ball to right field. Lance Berkman was bolting to the fence like a cheetah. Then Lance wall caught the ball and then the stadium went quiet. Everyone was shocked at what they just saw. Hunter Pence almost gave the Phillies a lead. The stadium was quiet and all you could smell was the beer people had drunk and all I could taste was my cheese steak.
It was the seventh inning and Roy Halladay was still pitching a great game but Chris Carpenter was pitching a better one. He only let the Phillies get three hits and Roy Halladay only let up three hits too. The Phillies had runners on second and third and two outs and the strikeout king came out. Everyone was hoping for a big hit but so far all he could do was strikeout against Chris Carpenter. Then Ryan Howard hit the ball but it went right to the pitcher.

The ninth inning came and it wasn’t looking good for the Phillies and we had Chase Utley, Hunter Pence, and Ryan Howard, our three best hitters. Chase Utley and Hunter Pence got out then Ryan Howard came up and the fans were hoping for a home run. Ryan Howard swung at the first pitch and it was a ground ball right to Albert Pujols and he tug the base. The Cardinals were going to the NLCS and the Phillies weren’t. I was so sad.
During this experience I felt so let down I was ready for a great game and all I got was a team that couldn’t hit the ball and they let their city down.

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